sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Broken from the start

Life is a gift like fresh cut roses
Cut from the branch and brought inside
It’s a slow contradiction that’s beauty in a vase
When the cords are cut that’s when we start to die
Lately death and life get so confusing
I can’t tell the difference here tonight
Lately every breath feels like I’m kissing death
And when time is dead I cease to be alive

If you hide yourself deep inside, deep inside
In time you’ve got nothing left to hide
There’s nothing left inside
Tonight, honey I am gonna break your heart
Mine was broken from the start, broken from the start

Choice is the only thing we’re given
For one will live, another dies
One road says hello the other says goodbye
And the roads that you don’t choose begin to die

They won’t pay a cent to hear you laughing
They might pay a little to hear you cry
If you do it long enough they might even pay attention
But they still won’t pay respect until you die, die

[Jon Foreman]

Tava escutando esta música nesse exato instante e na verdade nunca tinha me ligado de procurar sua tradução, sabia algumas partes só de escutar mesmo...
Então fui procurá-la, e é tipo, O máximo... Gostei demais e decidi postar :P

Um beijo*

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  1. eu baixei, eu baixei *_*
    só não achei da onde vem ¨Teatro Mágico aki AUHAUAHUAHUA





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